Elgin's Farm on Monkey Road


Elgin's farm, Evergreen Farms, became a reality in 1989 when Mike and Beth Walterscheidt bought the property with the intention of establishing a high-quality family farm for Central Texans. The first trees were harvested in 1996 and the Pumpkin Hunt began in 2001.

Since then, the farm has grown to hosting thousands of Central Texans during the Pumpkin Hunt and tree harvesting seasons.

The Walterscheidts owned a Christmas tree farm in Bryan, Texas before opening the Elgin farm. They currently live on the farm with many fond memories of their yellow lab Heidi, "sweetness" and a fond memory of Fritz, the "handsome" lab. 

The Owners:

Mike Walterscheidt is a retired forestry professor. He was once the Associate Forestry Department Head at Texas A&M University and has a wide knowledge of trees in Texas. He is the Executive Director of the Texas Christmas Tree Association and is the former president of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).
Beth Walterscheidt is a retired middle school teacher. She spent over 20 years teaching and continues to educate children and adults that visit the farm during educational tours. Beth is a past president of the National Christmas Tree Association and has become a national spokesperson on the importance of real Christmas trees for families and the environment.

Along with Mike and Beth, their two sons (Mike and Chris) and their wives (Carol and Katy) can be seen on the farm, making Evergreen Farms a true family experience.

Check out the video below to see what happens at Evergreen Farms